30 Beded Bhandari Hospital at Pardeshipura, Indore

Establishment of
Health Wizards, India

Establishment of
Indore Institute of Medical Sciences

Super Speciality Clinics in all
Super Specialties

Started Notch Medical Facility

of TKR and THR

We performed 1000+ of surgeries

Treated collectively more than

3000+ patients in COVID Waves

A dispensary / Clinic at
Pardeshipura, Indore

100 Beded Bhandari Hospital & Research Center, Sch. No. 54, Indore

Establishment of Indore Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Mohit Blood Bank Services with Component Separation facility

Establishment of BHRC School of Nursing, Indore

‘Palak Muchaal Foundation’
100+ Paediatric Heart Surgeries

New face: Complete renovation of
our BHRC Facility

Modular Operation Theater