Dr. Shilpa Bhandari

MD (Gynecology)
DM (Reproductive Medicine & Surgery)
Specialization (Minimal Access Surgery)

Dr. Shilpa Bhandari is one of the first reproductive medicine specialist of this country. She has not only been a pioneering force in the development of an MCI recognized DM/ McH reproductive medicine curriculum, but has also procured this prestigious super specialization by 3 years of extensive training in this field. Dr. Shilpa Bhandari has always been a meritorious student. She was first in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh in her 12th examinations.

She got selected in her favored field of medicine in the first go and pursued her MBBS education through scholarship. In her first year MBBS itself, she was awarded 1 lakh rupees scholarship for securing maximum marks as well as distinction in all subjects. Throughout her 5 years of MBBS she excelled in her studies and secured gold medals in almost all subjects.

From the very beginning Gynaecology fascinated her and she got through all entrance examinations in her first attempt. She opted to study gynecology in the government medical school in Bhopal. Here she underwent gruelling training in all aspects of patient care, surgeries and research.

She has been in active clinical practice since 2007 wherein she has been doing all types of laparoscopic surgeries, managing patients and planning their therapies. Dr. Shilpa Bhandari was awarded the opportunity to enhance her skills in the field of reproductive medicine via a 3 year super-specialization. This tenure provided her with the opportunity to hone her focus to the very specific area of infertility and refine her skills in all aspects related to it. In last 8 years she has single handedly established and successfully run the department of reproductive medicine.

She looks after the needs of more than a thousand patients annually in terms of consultation, surgeries, IVF, medical treatment, etc. she has also been actively involved in training other doctors as well as research. She has authored more than 20 research papers in national and international journals. Dr Shilpa Bhandari is an ardent believer in open patient communication, maintaining and honest doctor patient relationship and patient empowerment. Her dream is to provide affordable, honest patient care to couple seeking to enhance their families.